can bitcoin make you a millionaire?

Can Bitcoin Make You a Millionaire?





So, what could be the major catalyst to trigger this epic price rise? An event known as the Bitcoin Halving. This process was intentionally built into Bitcoin to keep inflation of the cryptocurrency in check while creating scarcity. Let’s get down to business. Can Bitcoin make you a millionaire? Popular investor and prominent cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee certainly thinks so and he's not the only one making bold price predictions. Bitcoin bull Tom Lee and Tim Draper says that the 'crypto winter' is over.
Oh, and if Bitcoin has already gone parabolic by the time you see this… there’s always altcoin season!

Let me know if you're bullish or bearish on Bitcoin/BTC in 2019!


Bitcoin (BTC), can it make you a millionaire? For the first time in months, Bitcoin (BTC) has broken out of the longest running bear market in history and the valuation of the crypto market has increased by billions. Even the cryptocurrency explained news headlines are back to 2017’s crypto bull market. It's official the crypto bull market is here.


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